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MARAC Spring 2011: Archival Ethics and the Call of Justice
I missed out on Rand Jimerson’s plenary speech, so I was happy to find this summary from L’Archivista.

I Love the ’90s: Books Edition
The 1990s have cycled back “in” — but will the books?

2011 ALA Conference
The scheduler is up!  I still have no idea what sessions I plan on attending…

Homer Scissorhands
Several of the Smithsonian museums make a cameo in this Simpsons intro.

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marac spring 2011 conference

Last Friday, I attended the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) Spring 2011 Conference in Alexandria, VA.  I did a terrible job at taking notes that day, but below are some of my takeaways.  Rand Jimerson, who I mentioned in this post, spoke at the plenary session on “Archival Ethics and the Call of Justice” — but sadly I missed out on most of his speech since I was setting up my student poster (which you can check out here).

New Tools to Address Electronic Records

  • electronic records problems from the user’s perspective: content in unsupported formats, increasingly complex files (containing not only text, but images, audio, etc.)
  • Conversion Software Registry is a search engine to help find software that will convert a specific file format to a desired one.
  • NCSA’s Polyglot is a conversion engine and universal content viewer.
  • UK’s National Archives developed PRONOM, a database that provides technical information about preserving electronic records.

Challenging Western Archival Concepts

  • The development of the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials is part of a larger movement of indigenous populations to gain control of their cultural heritage.
  • The meaning of “privacy” is culturally specific and ever evolving — the legal idea of personal privacy is rather young, only in the past 150 years.
  • Recommendations for dealing with cultural materials: have consultations with the community; provide graduated access based on cultural protocols; extend privacy to groups, not just individuals.
  • Digital surrogates can be shared vs. physical objects can only be kept by one entity.

Social Media Sensations: Creative Possibilities for Archives and Web 2.0

  • Different uses of social media: for publishing, engagement, and participation.
  • Social media for publishing is generally packaged content with little interaction.  It’s the same content in multiple channels — it raises awareness.
  • Social media for engagement generally provides a story, contest, ability to share and rate, or some conversation.  There is a personal tone, and it’s engagement without commitment — it gives you a fuzzy feeling.
  • Social media for participation creates partners, as it requires more user commitment and has a well-defined purpose.  Examples are transcription projects such as the New York Public Library’s “What’s on the Menu?”
  • Archives 1.0 was about stuff, Archives 2.0 is about archivists, and Archives 3.0 (the future) is about people.
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resources for creating a conference poster

CC image courtesy of Jared Wong on Flickr

On May 6, I’ll be presenting a graduate poster at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) Spring 2011 Conference in Alexandria, VA. It will be my first poster presentation (!), and I wanted to share some links that have helped me through the design process. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions! After the conference, I’ll be sure to share my final poster design as well as any lessons learned.


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conference season schedule

In two weeks, I’ll be attending Computers in Libraries here in Washington, DC.  It will be the beginning of my “conference season” this year.  The last (and very first!) conference I attended was the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Annual Meeting back in August, which was conveniently located in DC as well.  It was before I started library school, so I felt like an outsider who didn’t know anything — which made me pretty shy and uneasy about reaching out to others.  Hopefully this year will be different, as I feel slightly more knowledgeable than before (though still only in my second semester) and have made connections to other LIS folks through blogging and Twitter.  At the very least, I feel as if I belong to the LIS community now.

Below are the conferences I will be going to this year, along with the dates I’ll be attending.  Please let me know if you will be there too!  And of course, I will write about my experiences after (and possibly during) the conferences.

Computers in Libraries
Washington, DC
March 21-24, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) Spring 2011 Conference
Alexandria, VA
May 6, 2011

StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation
New York, NY
May 26-30, 2011

American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference
New Orleans, LA
June 24-27, 2011

SAA Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL
August 24-27, 2011 (tentative dates)

I will be presenting a graduate poster at SAA (and hopefully MARAC) — so if you have any tips, please share!

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