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03 Jun

Libraries are Part of the Safety Net — No Wonder Governments Hate Them
In libraryland, we already believe in the importance and power of libraries and information.  Reading more opinions about it may feel redundant, but I always enjoy hearing new perspectives.

Libraries are already, naturally, a part of the safety net, because they empower their community with equitable access to knowledge. And libraries can’t do that without librarians — someone who knows their collection, who knows their patrons, who has the right training and the right salary. Someone who has compassion, and the financial and social resources to act on that compassion without losing their mind.

Who Should Digitize (And Who Should Profit from) a Nation’s Newspaper Archives?
The title says it all.

Everything You Need to Know to Participate in Our Book Club
The Atlantic started a Twitter book club called 1book140 — check out this link for all the details.  This month’s book is Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin.

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