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08 Apr

CC image courtesy of Darkangels on Flickr

When TV Became Art: What We Owe Buffy
This post is from late 2009, but I just read it again and couldn’t resist sharing.

this is when we talk about rayanne graff
I’ve been meaning to re-watch My So-Called Life, and Tavi Gevinson reminded me why.

Can a Show Change Its Endgame?
For the Gossip Girl fans out there, this piece discusses the Dan/Blair relationship and how other television shows successfully changed their romantic endgame.

Mad Men Gets a Deal to Make More Seasons, Blows Up Internet
It’s old news by now that Mad Men has officially been renewed for at least two more seasons, but this post from NPR’s Monkey See blog asks some great questions regarding how the new “director’s cut” will affect fans’ (over)analysis.

People take apart Mad Men like no other show currently on television. It’s the new Lost, in that regard. It’s the new show where every camera angle, everything seen in the background, every glance, every ice cube potentially has meaning. It’s also a show about which a significant population of viewers is meticulous about avoiding spoilers. They don’t want to know a single thing about what’s going to happen until it airs.

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