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18 Feb

The Portrait and the Nazis
Maria Altmann fought a long legal battle to win back her uncle’s paintings that were confiscated by the Nazis during the Austrian occupation.  I just finished reading Edmund van der Waal’s The Hare with Amber Eyes, which also touches on this question of restitution for art and other possessions taken from Jewish families during this time period.

Digital Age Is Slow to Arrive in Rural America
Only 60% of households in rural America use broadband, which is 10% less than urban households.  This story also links to a national broadband map developed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Information technology and economic change:  The impact of the printing press
Previously there was no economic research to demonstrate the printing press’ benefits, but now there is evidence that economic growth was much higher in cities that used the printing press between 1450-1600.

The Case for Generosity
This story from Fast Company discusses how the Internet facilitates generosity.

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